A (good) white paper is the hardest piece of content to write.

They are very effective at building credibility and generating leads, but they require a lot of effort.

You’ll need to combine thousands of words backed by plenty of research into a compelling narrative that informs and persuades.

And despite white papers’ popularity, there’s little information about how to put pen to paper and actually write one.

All of that makes writing a white paper a tough task.

So, we’ve created a white paper template to make things easier for you.

It’s a useful template for how to write a white paper. It helps you organize the narrative structure by breaking each section into manageable chunks.

The framework for this white paper template is taken from our complete guide on how to write a white paper. For a detailed breakdown of every part of a white paper and how best to create one, we suggest you check out that article.

Get The White Paper Template

You can access the white paper template as a publicly available Google doc by clicking this link.

You can follow the template exactly, or simply use it as a sample white paper outline. That’s the double-edged sword of white papers—there’s no one “right” way to do them!

Next Steps

Our template for your white paper will help you write it, but you’ll need more than black text on a white background. You’ll also need top-notch design.

Things like colors, formatting, illustrative visuals, and typography play a crucial role in how successful your white paper is. And because of the huge amount of information and data present in a white paper, they tend to benefit from design more than most other forms of content.

Great white paper design must juggle several things at once, such as:

  • putting data and statistics into pretty graphs, illustrations, and charts.
  • formatting dense information in a way that avoids feeling cluttered while providing clarity.
  • conveying professionalism to help establish credibility and authority.

If you thought writing a white paper was hard, designing one as a non-designer is a downright struggle. And considering businesses that prioritize design vastly outperform all others, the stakes are incredibly high.

So, we suggest working with a graphic designer that has experience with white papers. Or, you can use our white paper design service. We make it easy and hassle free to get a professional white paper designed by a team of experienced white paper designers.

Once you have your well-written, professionally-designed white paper ready to go, you can begin marketing it. Figuring out how to market your white paper comes down to understanding where it falls in the white paper content marketing funnel.

When your white papers are properly aligned in your marketing funnel, you can expect to consistently generate leads and convert them into customers.

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