Any modern realtor knows how important it is to cultivate and grow their database.

And, at this point, we all know what a lead magnet is. We see them every day on websites yelling “Give us your email and we’ll send you our exclusive freebie!”

But there’s a reason for that: they work.

You might have a fancy real estate agent website with gorgeous shots of your properties and a headshot that makes celebrities jealous, but that’s not enough to generate leads.

You need good real estate lead magnets—things that pull your best prospects forward and cause them to engage with you. This usually means offering them something in exchange for their email address.

But you can’t just create a lead magnet any old way and expect it to work.

To create an effective real estate lead magnet, you need to know three things about your target audience: their side, their stride and their bribe.

The 3 Dynamics of Real Estate Prospects

Side: This refers to the “side” of the market your target audience lies on. Basically, are they buyers or sellers? Within those categories there are subcategories such as relocation buyers, investors, and downsizers. Each of your lead magnets should only target one side, but you can make more than one lead magnet if you’d like to target other sides.

Stride: This deals with the biggest obstacles or primary aims of your target audience. How can you help them “stride” toward their biggest goals? What valuable info will help them achieve their biggest objective, eliminate their biggest concern, or answer their biggest question? Helping people find their stride is the most important of the lead magnet best practices.

Bribe: “Bribe” is just another (more honest) word for lead magnet. You must identify what specific kind of bribe works best on your particular target audience. Video, face-to-face, consultative, long-form text, short-form text, lists…? Choose the wrong bribe and you’ll wonder why no one signs up for it. Experiment with different types of bribes until you find your perfect fit.

With those three concepts in mind, we will look at the most effective types of real estate lead magnets and then drill down into examples and how they might differ for each side of the market.

Real Estate Lead Magnets

1. Guides & Tips

Of the three major types of lead magnets for real estate agents, guides tend to be the most robust and valuable, offering plenty of useful info to your target audience. Even so, these should only be just big enough to cover the specific topic. The perfect realtor lead magnet is short & sweet.

Buyer Guides

Home buyer’s guide
How to qualify for a mortgage
How to prepare for buying a home
How to win big in multiple offer situations
What to consider when buying a vacation home
Tips for moving with children
Important questions to ask your real estate agent

Investor Guides

How to flip a home
How to buy investment properties with minimal money down
Investment property red flags
Tips on spotting potential investment properties
Common real estate investment mistakes
How to buy distressed properties
Airbnb regulatory guidelines

Seller Guides

Home seller guide
How to create an effective pricing strategy
How to write effective property ads
How to stage your home on a budget
The tax implications of selling your home
Common reasons homes don’t sell

2. Property Lists

A list is a collection of properties that have a specific trait or feature. Unlike other real estate lead magnets, lists are exclusively used to attract buyers and investors. Nonetheless, they remain one of the most popular lead magnet ideas for realtors due to their effectiveness and ease of use.

Buyer Lists

New Construction Homes
Homes under a certain price
Homes that have recently had a drop in price
Distressed properties as a result of foreclosure, REO or short sale.
Homes with an estimated ROI above a certain percent
Homes in a certain region with a certain feature

3. Checklists

Among lead magnet ideas for real estate, this is the easiest to put together. It’s simply a collection of tasks that need to be completed to accomplish a specific goal.

Buyer Checklists

Credit repair checklist
House-warming checklist
Relocation checklist
Preparing to buy a home checklist

Seller Checklists

Open House Checklist
Exterior/Interior Prep Checklist
Deep Cleaning checklist

4. Miscellaneous Lead Magnets for Real Estate

Here we have the fun lead magnet ideas that don’t quite fit anywhere else. Their uniqueness can make them extremely effective, though there is usually more upfront work involved than with the more traditional real estate lead magnets listed above.

Interactive Calculators

An interactive tool like a calculator can make a great lead magnet with which to attract and engage your prospects. As far as realty lead magnets go, the most common are:

Mortgage Amortization Calculator: This kind of calculator should make it simple for buyers to calculate their mortgage at different loan amounts and interest rates.

Home Value Calculator: This kind of calculator lets sellers instantly generate a ballpark figure for their home.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

A CMA should be designed to give buyers an idea of what homes in specific areas of a region will cost them.

Newsletter Listing Alerts

Have buyers or investors sign up to receive alerts about new hot properties. This can be set up via email or text and is a great way to always stay top of mind with your prospects and become familiar to them.

Choosing Your Real Estate Lead Magnet Format

Choosing the best content format to deliver your lead magnet will depend on your personal preference. Most of the above options can be delivered via text or video. Some can even be delivered via audio, which is a great option for those who have an existing podcast.

But that doesn’t mean you should just send a Word doc or haphazardly record a video on your phone.

Your lead magnets will often be the first interaction a prospect has with you. So, it’s crucial they look polished and professional as a representation of you and your business.

As such, be sure any video is professionally shot and edited. And any text-based documents should be professionally designed and formatted. Here at Magnnetic, we specialize in professionally designing and formatting text-based lead magnets. So, we know what we’re talking about.

If you let them, your lead magnets can do a lot of heavy lifting for your brand, so make sure they look the part!

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