As a travel agent, you know you need a “lead magnet”, but they often seem mysterious, if not downright daunting.

You don’t have much idea of what a good lead magnet looks like, much less how to make one for yourself.

The result for a lot of travel agents is that they miss out on the opportunity to create powerful lead magnets that fill their pipeline and help them close more sales.

But, in this article, we’re going to pull back the curtain on what great lead magnets for travel agents look like with real-life examples and plenty of ideas.

Use these examples and ideas to fuel the creation of your own travel agency lead magnets, so you can begin booking more clients.

Lead Magnets For Travel Agents

1. Guides

Guides are among the most popular lead magnet ideas for travel agents. They can cover just about any topic imaginable and give you a chance to share your expertise with your prospects. These are the lead magnets we most often design here at Magnnetic.

An effective guide should act as a local’s advice on the best things to do in an area.

A common example is the destination travel guide, as seen on Wanderlust Getaway:

Travel guide image

And here’s a different type of guide from Kinship Vacations:

Kinship Vacation Guide

2. Planners

Planners equip your prospects with enough knowledge of a destination to plan their own itinerary. This allows you to show off the full scope of your expert knowledge of a location without overstuffing a pre-planned itinerary.

Here is an Australian vacation planner from Boomerang Escapes:

Vacation planner

3. Curated Lists

A curated list of recommendations is your chance to share your favorite finds that only an insider would know. This is the kind of exclusive information that your prospects can’t get anywhere else, making it one of the most compelling lead magnets for travel agencies.

Here is one such curated list from Epperly Travel:

Curated Resorts list

4. Exclusive Experiences

As a travel agent, you can share your knowledge of incredible experiences, tours, travel packages, and hidden locales with your email subscribers.

Hayley Owen of The Personal Travel Agents positions these as hand-picked offers:

Hand-picked offers

5. Tip Lists

Tip lists are a collection of tips based around a specific theme. They are easy to digest but reveal useful insights your audience would not otherwise have known or considered.

An example of the tip list comes from Boomerang Escapes:

Packing tips list

6. Quizzes

Of all the lead magnets for travel agencies, quizzes are the rarest. Because of that, they can be really effective at pulling in and engaging your prospects with something they won’t see from the many other travel agency websites they visit.

A quiz’s greatest strength, however, is that it allows you to segment your prospects based on their answers to your questions. So, you’ll be able to exactly qualify a prospect and know how to follow up with them.

Epperly Travel shows us a quiz in action:

Travel Agent Quiz

More Lead Magnet Ideas For Travel Agents

If you’re still looking for inspiration for your travel agent lead magnet, here are a few more ideas that could help you bring it to life.

7. Checklists

Checklists are a quick & easy reference for prospects to use to accomplish a certain task. Because they can be referred to multiple times over a long period of time, checklists are powerful lead magnets for travel agents that want to stay top of mind and build good will.

Idea: a pre-travel packing checklist.

8. Maps

Maps of specific areas that highlight routes can be a great resource that a prospect likely to travel soon would be highly interested in.

Idea: A walking tour map of a destination including your most highly-recommended sights, activities, or eateries.

9. Videos

Few things are more enticing than actual video footage of a beautiful location. A well-done video that allows your prospects to imagine their trip before they even take it is intoxicating to your prospects.

Idea: A highlight reel of some of the best areas and activities for a specific destination.

10. Email Course

Email courses aren’t common in the travel world, but they make for some of the best travel agent lead magnets. They allow you to build a relationship with your prospect over several emails because your prospect has to open each email to get the next part of the course. This can make them more effective than a lead magnet that only requires them to open their first email to get it.

Idea: 5-part email course teaching every step to planning a dream vacation.

11. Sample Itinerary

This is one of the more common lead magnets for a travel agent to use. It’s a great way to showcase your expertise and provide prospects with a peak at what you can do. You simply need to take one of your best client itineraries, remove sensitive information, and bam—you’ve got a lead magnet ready to go.

Idea: Sample 3-day itinerary for a specific destination.

12. Destination Reports

People love first-hand accounts. It allows them to envision themselves having the same experience. And once a prospect can see themselves doing something, they’re already half sold. The first-person account could come from you or, better yet, an actual client. Include plenty of pics and/or video for the full effect.

Idea: A detailed destination review by a client including pictures highlighting key events, activities, and locations.

13. Coupons

Travel is expensive, so many prospects spend considerable amounts of time shopping around for better pricing. If you can give it to them, they won’t hesitate to hand over their email. 

Idea: Coupons for a specific keynote activity.

14. FAQ List

These are among the easiest travel advisor lead magnets to make. FAQ lists are simply collections of all the frequently asked questions you’ve received from past clients. They should help prospects answer all those nagging questions that tend to pop up. The neat thing about the FAQ list is you easily display expertise by answering the questions your prospects didn’t even know they had.

Idea: The 10 most frequently asked questions from people visiting a specific destination.

15. Giveaways

People love free stuff. And they really love winning free stuff. A giveaway takes advantage of this basic human nature. You can get as creative as you like with your giveaways: cameras, luggage, plane tickets, or even entire vacation packages. A good giveaway can explode your number of leads.

Idea: A plane ticket raffle for a destination of the winner’s choosing.

Now Create Your Own Travel Agent Lead Magnets

Whether you’re a travel agent or a photographer, lead magnets are crucial to effective online marketing.

They can seem intimidating, but no one said your lead magnet had to be perfect. Simply try them and experiment. See what works and what doesn’t to improve them over time. Don’t forget to use professional lead magnet design to add a professional polish to your lead magnets that reflects well on your brand and business.

Soon, you’ll have a lead magnet that gets you more business than you can handle.

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