On any given day your website may attract hundreds of visitors. Research tells us that around 1% of them are in the ‘decision’ stage. That means they’re ready to hire a lawyer. All they need is assurance that you know your stuff.

That’s where lawyer lead magnets come in handy.

Provided the information in your lead magnet is accurate, up to date, and most importantly helpful, it can convince a prospective client to return for consultation on their case. All you need, then, are a few effective lead magnet ideas for lawyers.

Since we specialize in designing lead magnets here at Magnnetic, we’ve seen a ton of them across all industries. Read on for the ones we believe work best for lawyers.

Do Lead Magnets For Lawyers Work?

Attorney lead magnets work because they help build trust with potential clients by showcasing your skills in the most effective way possible. You can think of them as an opportunity to give your prospective clients concrete proof of how great you are at what you do.

Here’s an example of how lead magnets work for lawyers:


Assume you’re browsing the websites of two law firms.

Law Firm A has a blog post telling readers what documents they should prepare before appearing for a court hearing. Law Firm B has the same blog post with more or less the same information.

There’s only one thing that differentiates the two blog posts:

Law Firm A has a form at the end of the blog post asking readers to sign up and receive regular updates regarding law.

Law Firm B, meanwhile, offers readers a downloadable cheat sheet on the topic “Five Documents You Must Prepare For A Court Date” in exchange for their email.

Which of the two law firms in the above example is going to get more leads? 

Law Firm B will be more successful in generating leads because they offer website visitors an incentive (downloadable PDF on a topic they care about) in exchange for their details. 

Lead Magnets For Lawyers

1. Webinars

What is it that most of us want before we purchase a product?

A demo.

Webinars allow you to offer precisely that to your potential clients. They let prospects spend some time with you, which you can utilize to show your expertise and convince them of the benefits of hiring you.

For instance, if your practice revolves around family law, you could offer a webinar detailing the various factors that influence how much monthly support a spouse can expect to receive.

This will tell your customer what to expect in the court of law and whether they have the legal knowledge required to handle the case themselves. Since most people won’t, your expertise in family law could convince them to hire you.

2. Checklists

Most of your website’s readers would rather read a small checklist offering solutions to their problem than go through a long blog post. That doesn’t mean you should abandon blog posts – they’re a great way of getting free traffic

What you should do is include checklists in the middle of your blog post. Make sure that it is related to the topic you’re covering on that page. Give the reader the option to download the checklist by entering their email or signing up for your website.

Here’s one divorce lawyer applying this idea to perfection:

This image of a divorce checklist is a good example of a lawyer lead magnet.

A checklist makes a great lead magnet for lawyers because it:

  • Gives readers peace of mind that they have the most crucial information about a subject that is important to them.
  • Convinces them that the person who has prepared the checklist knows their stuff and is good at what they do.
  • Provides them with plenty of reasons why they should use the lawyer’s services who has already demonstrated expertise.

3. Latest Industry Reports

This lead generation idea can be used by law firms dealing with big businesses, large corporations, and multinational organizations. Such law firms can create reports on the latest industry trends, best legal practices, and any upcoming changes in legislation that might impact their clients’ interests. 

Here’s an example (taken from an article on The Guardian’s website): 

This is an example of how an industry report can be used as a lead magnet for lawyers that specialize in B2B.

Any businessperson whose interests are threatened by the proposed legislation might take the following steps: 

  1. Enter their email to download the report.
  2. Verify the report’s content from other industry sources.
  3. Reach out to the lawyer if the report’s contents are proven true.
  4. Ask them about steps they could take to shield their business from the fallout of the proposed legislation.

4. Templates

Most ordinary people fear filing legal documents incorrectly. They are worried that filling in the wrong information might see them getting penalized for it. What they’d love to have then is a template that leaves no room for error by leaving only fill-in-the-blanks to them. That makes templates a great lead magnet for lawyers.

Here’s how you can use this common fear to your advantage.

Upload the most commonly used legal templates to your website. Make them free to download for your readers in exchange for their email. Or, allow access to a library of downloads for those who have signed up for your website.

5. Case Study

Case studies let you educate your readers on how people who were facing similar legal problems were able to solve them. They are one of the best lead magnet ideas for attorneys because they tell the reader you’re aware of their pain points and are ready (and able) to provide a solution. 

Here’s an example:

An example of a gated case study.

This example, taken from one of the US’s top law news websites, shows that you don’t have to present the complete case study in the blog post. Just give the user a taste of what to expect and then hide the meatier part behind an email barrier.

6. Other Ideas


One of the most exhaustive lead magnet studies ever carried out has found that ebooks five to six pages long, which the reader can consume in one sitting, convert 17% more than whitepapers or any other long-form written content.


Whitepapers may not convert as much as short-form ebooks – 41.8% vs 58%  but they give you plenty of room to provide value, create trust, and establish high levels of authority not only with your reader, but within your industry as a whole. These are particularly effetive for B2B law firms.

Video Tutorials

Video is huge on the internet, with Youtube being the world’s second biggest search engine. However, lawyers rarely ever use video. This makes it a good opportunity for you to stand out. Define your area of expertise and start creating tutorials on subjects you think would get your prospects’ attention. One such example is a video series on how to fill out particular documents correctly.

Now Create Your Own Lawyer Lead Magnet

Use the ideas above to inspire lead magnets for your own law practice.

Keep in mind that every great lead magnet, whether you’re in law or chiropractic, focuses on a pain point, answers a specific query, and is easy to implement. Remember these factors and you’ll be well on your way to generating more leads and clients.

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