Financial advisors struggle with lead magnets.

Some aren’t comfortable giving away free information to non-clients. Others use lead magnets that get them nowhere. And the rest don’t even know what a lead magnet is.

But a good lead magnet provides genuinely helpful information that makes prospects happy to give you their contact info in exchange. And prospects who use your lead magnet will come to view you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy expert.

So, when it comes time for them to hire a financial advisor, who do you think they’ll call?

That’s the power of a lead magnet.

They keep you top of mind with your most valuable prospects and allow you to develop a relationship with them that’s conducive to selling.

As professional lead magnet designers, we’ve come across a variety of lead magnets in the financial planning industry.

In this post, we’ll look at the 14 most effective types of lead magnets for financial advisors. We’ll also show you a variety of real-life examples. Use this list to inspire your own lead magnets, so you too can build powerful relationships with prospects.

1. Courses

As a financial advisor, there is a wealth of information that you can share with prospects.

To avoid overwhelming them, breaking down that information into a multi-day course can be an invaluable learning tool. And since sales require several touches, courses also have the added benefit of creating multiple touch points.

Try to keep the course tightly focused on a single topic and make sure prospects will really learn something new. The more they learn, the more you earn.


SMB finance course
SMB Financial Planning's course
New School of Finance Courses
New School of Finance's courses
Plum Solutions course
Plum Solutions' course

2. Webinars

Webinars are another effective teaching tool in the financial niche, which can make them great financial advisor lead magnets.

Think of them as online lectures that can be recorded and used over and over. Platforms like Go To Webinar allow you to host and manage your webinar(s). When connected with your email service provider, you can run webinars that enroll and broadcast to prospects everyday on autopilot.


WestPac Webinar
WestPac Wealth's webinar
Expat Finance Today
Expat Finance Today's webinar
Phoenix Financial Group webinar
Phoenix Financial Group's webinar

3. Quizzes

When it comes to lead magnets for financial planners, quizzes are sneakily powerful.

They are attractive because they are simple to fill out while providing unique insights for the prospect. They also allow you to naturally segment your audience, so you know exactly what kind of prospect you’re dealing with.


WestPac Wealth quiz
WestPac Wealth's quiz
Wealth Amplified quiz
Wealth Amplified's quiz
Living Confidently quiz
Living Confidently's quiz

4. Ebooks

Ebooks are our bread ‘n butter here at Magnnetic. These tend to cover a specific topic in depth, while still being short enough to be easily consumed.

The word ‘book’ fools people into thinking these need to be novel-length compendiums. But ebooks should concisely deliver important, valuable information. Don’t pad the word count to meet some arbitrary number. Still, ebooks should be reserved for when you have a topic meaty enough to talk about for a few thousand words.


SMB Finance ebook
SMB Financial's ebook
The Hopman Group ebook
The Hopman Group's ebook
Fast Nevada ebook
Fast Nevada's ebook
Not Your Dad's CPA ebook
Not Your Dad's CPA's ebook
Infinite Wealth Consultants ebook
Infinite Wealth Consultants' ebook

5. Calculators

Caculators are the most popular lead magnets for financial consultants.

At this point, they’ve been done to death. But there’s no denying that they’ve been a long-standing go-to for financial consultants that want to generate leads online.

Since they’re everywhere now, we’d caution against using this as a primary lead magnet. It’s just not unique anymore. Instead, they can be great to complement other resources or email campaigns.


Empire Wealth Solutions' calculator
Capital Strategies quiz
Capital Strategies' quiz
My Personal CPA quiz
My Personal CPA's quiz

6. Worksheets

A worksheets is a single-page, fill-in-the-blank document that provides a simple exercise to help your prospects to plan, track, or execute.

These are the simplest lead magnets for financial advisors to create and, if done well, can be a no-brainer for your prospects.


Financial Growth Biz worksheet
Financial Growth Biz' worksheet
Balance CFO
Jamie Trull's worksheet

7. Workbook

A workbook is simply a collection of worksheets designed around a specific subject or objective.

These are great if you have several related worksheet assets that you can bundle together.


Jamie Trull workbook
Jamie Trull's workbook

8. Guides

Guides are step-by-step ebooks designed to help prospects accomplish a specific goal.

They can be very thorough and detailed, providing background and supplementary information. Or, they can be barebones and simple, giving directions in a clear, straightforward manner. Your approach depends on your target audience, their sophistication, and the topic.


Keep It Simple Financial guide
Keep It Simple Financial's guide
Financial Common Cents' guide
Financial Common Cents' guide
Skybound Wealth Management's guide
Skybound Wealth Management's guide
Chambers Financial Consulting's guide
Chambers Financial Consulting's guide

9. Consultations

Consultations are another popular lead magnet for financial consultants. Unfortunately, consultants tend to rely on them too much.

Consultations are an effective step in the sales process once prospects already know and trust you. But for new prospects, it’s a big commitment. These are best used later in the sales process after other lead magnets that generate initial interest. 

And don’t just offer a generic “consultation”. Make the consult appear custom-tailored for the specific prospect you’re speaking to.


Stephanie Sala consultation
Stephanie Sala's consultation
WestPac Wealth consultation
WestPac Wealth's consultation
Coleman Financial Solutions consultation
Coleman Financial's consultation

10. Tools

A tool requires more upfront effort to develop, but can pay off big since they are often completely unique to the financial advisor, unlike calculators.

Before investing time and money in creating a tool, you must have a good idea of what will actually be useful for your prospects. Better yet, consult with prospects, clients, or past clients directly to see what they think of a tool you want to develop.


Keep It Simple Financial tool
Keep It Simple Financial's tool

11. Resource Library

A resource library is a collection of different kinds of lead magnets that prospects can access all at once.

For example, after signing up with their email, they could be allowed to access several webinars, worksheets, and calculators.

Resource Libraries are only effective if you’ve already developed a variety of lead magnets and are looking to leverage the combined might of your assets. 


FMS group library
FMS Group's resource library

12. Planners

Planners, particularly budget planners, are among the more obvious and common lead magnets for financial planners. They are also one of the most popular lead magnet templates in general.  While useful, due to how common they are, they are best used in combination with other lead magnets on this list.


Financial Common Cents planner
Financial Common Cents planner

13. Seminars

In-person seminars can be extremely effective. Since these are held in person, the setting is more intimate, allowing rapport to be built much more quickly.

And since information is presented as a lesson, it creates a perfect consultative selling environment, allowing you to easily upsell higher-end services.


Plum Solutions seminars
Plum Solutions' seminars

14. Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets are short documents that deliver quick wins for your prospects. These should contain your most useful information about a certain topic broken down into a list of actionable tips.

Since they are easy to consume and super useful, cheat sheets can be immensely valuable financial planner lead magnets.


Jamie Tull cheat sheet
Jamie Tull's cheat sheet
Living Confidently's cheat sheet
Living Confidently's cheat sheet
Not Your Dad's CPA cheat sheet
Not Your Dad's CPA's cheat sheet

Now You Know The Best Lead Magnets For Financial Advisors

It’s not unusual for financial advisors to spend as much time searching for their next clients as they do meeting existing ones.

But that won’t be a problem for you.

Now that you know what the best financial planner lead magnets look like, you’re equipped to create your own. Experiment with using different types and combining them and soon you’ll be growing your leads and business.

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