Chiropractors can be great at what they do, but often struggle with the business side of things.

The fact that 90% of leads will never convert into patients doesn’t help. So, DCs must be proactive about generating high-quality leads.

One of the best ways to do that is with lead magnets.

A lead magnet provides an attractive opportunity for potential patients to give you their contact information. It allows your ideal prospects to raise their hands and say “Yes, that’s me! I have a problem and need your help, but am not yet ready to call.”

A good lead magnets let you:

  • Attract direct access patients instead of chasing them.
  • Qualify patients instead of relying on a doctor to qualify and refer.
  • Build a list of qualified prospects, which is one of the most valuable assets of a business.

We’ve designed lead magnets for several chiropractors. In our time working with professionals in this field, here are the most effective types of lead magnets for chiropractors we’ve come across:

Lead Magnets For Chiropractors

1. Seminars

Seminars are a tried-and-true lead magnet for many industries. And they are just as effective in Chiropractic. Seminars require a lot of upfront effort to setup and run, but the setting allows you to easily establish authority, build a relationship, and sell your services.

For a prospect, a seminar requires a higher level of commitment than most other lead magnet ideas for chiropractors. This means a smaller number of leads, but higher conversions.


Neuropathy seminar

2. Webinars

Webinars are the digital version of a seminar. While they are less intimate, they are also location-independent and can be broadcast all over the world. Even better, using a platform like EverWebinar, you can setup an automated webinar that enrolls and plays your webinar on autopilot.

Webinars effectively combine the power of offline and online lead generation. This makes it a great lead magnet for chiropractors because it offers the best of both worlds.


Pain Relief Webinar

3. Downloadable PDFs

We’re a bit biased since we design these types of lead magnets here at Magnnetic, but these are our favorite Chiropractic lead magnets.

Downloadable PDFs are incredibly versatile, easily accessible, and can quickly deliver value to your prospects. They can come in the form of ebooks, guides, reports, cheat sheets, and more.

Here’s a look at several different types using real-life examples:


Doc Rob's ebook
Spine Health guide
Choosing A Chiropractor report
Mental Block Release tips
tip list

4. Videos

Instead of delivering your content via text, you can use video instead. This lead magnet is especially powerful for information that’s better suited for show and tell.

Video has a higher perceived value than text, so it can be super effective if paired with an good topic your audience is eager to learn about.


video chiro lead magnet

5. Consultations

These are perhaps the most popular lead magnets for chiropractors because they’re easy and obvious to implement. But that is perhaps their greatest drawback.

It’s so common to see the offer for a “free consultation” that it doesn’t help chiropractors stand out. Worse yet, it isn’t particularly appealing to prospects that don’t know and trust you yet.

To make the most of a consultation as a lead magnet, you’ll want to make sure you call out specific issues a consult can help with instead of the generic messaging of “Free Chiropractic Consultation”.


chiropractor consultation

Make Your Own

Whether for chiropractors, financial advisors, or any other trained professionals, less than 10% of leads become clients. But that’s more than enough to keep a chiropractor in business if they generate a healthy amount of leads.

Use the Chiropractic lead magnet ideas in this post to help you decide on a good lead magnet for your own practice, so you can share your gifts and continue to help more clients.

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