Crafting a lead magnet can be challenging and time-consuming. Imagine pouring your heart into it and then…crickets!

You’re offering an incredibly valuable resource and yet no one is subscribing to your email list. It’s super frustrating.

Picking a strong title for your lead magnet is one of the most important parts of a high-converting lead magnet – first impressions matter! In fact, bad titles are one of the top lead magnet mistakes.

While services like ours can help you stand out with stunning lead magnet design, your title must draw your audience in and convince them to read.

In this article, we’ll give you eight tips to help you come up with the best lead magnet titles – you can use them separately or combine them when possible. Let’s get to it!

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How to Write Lead Magnet Titles that Convert

Lead magnet titles must capture attention, be easy to understand, and tell your readers what to expect while still being enticing.

Not easy, right?

But there are a few tried-and-true strategies you can use to craft the perfect title that drives tons of subscribers. 

Here are eight of the most effective tips to come up with winning headlines for your lead magnets:

1. Be Clear About the Offer

Directly stating the type of lead magnet you’re using can influence how it is perceived by your audience. So, you’ll want to be careful about choosing a lead magnet that’s a good fit for your audience and message.

When you’ve got a perfect fit for your audience, announcing the format of your lead magnet attracts that audience. For example, a small business might appreciate a checklist, whereas a Fortune 100 company may prefer a report.

Here are a few examples of titles that call out their format:

  • “The Social Media Marketing Book
  • A Beginner’s Guide to SEO Writing”
  • “Email Marketing Automation Checklist

2. Make a Bold Promise

Making a bold promise is an easy way to grab an audience’s attention. But use with caution.

A lead magnet is the first step to building trust and a relationship with your prospects. Making exaggerated promises that your lead magnet doesn’t live up to will do the exact opposite.

So, consider the content of your lead magnet and whether it can live up to the promises you make in the title.

Here are a few examples of how to make a powerful promise:

  • Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing”
  • “Lead Magnets: The Complete Guide
  • Blueprint to Becoming an SEO Writer”
  • Complete Guide to Starting an eCommerce Business”
  • The Last Guide to Email Automation You’ll Ever Need

Similarly, offering a quick solution or shortcut to something is also a sure-fire way of grabbing your audience’s attention. Some examples of this technique include:

  • Fast and Easy Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website”
  • Secrets to Social Media Marketing Success”
  • “How to Double Your Conversion Rates in 1 Month
  • “How to Drastically Improve Your SEO Score in a Day

3. Use Numbers

Research has found that numbers are effective in the same way that specific facts are more effective than broad statements.

Numbers promise a specific, tangible payoff. They immediately communicate that the information is organized, structured, and ultimately digestible. This makes them very attractive to your time-starved audience that loves instant gratification.

Here are some examples:

  • 3 Ways to Measure and Improve Performance of Landing Pages
  • 8 Things Every CIO Must Consider
  • 6 Tips To Drop Body Fat and Get Toned Fast
  • 5 Questions Every First Home Buyer Should Ask

4. Use Power Words

How many words do you see in a day?

You probably have no idea, but can take a wild guess: a lot.

The average person is inundated with words – emails, stories, advertisements, social media, etc.

But power words rip through the noise and assault your emotions, compelling you to take notice. They are used to evoke emotion and response in your audience. As a result, they can be powerful tools for boosting your conversion rate.

Here are some examples of power words in action:

  • X Ways to Supercharge E-commerce Website Performance
  • Hacking Start Up Sales Teams
  • Kick-Ass DIY Marketing for Freelancers

5. Use the “How to” Formula

“How-to” headlines work great because they show the reader that you’re providing actionable advice they can implement to solve a specific problem.

It’s also one of the easiest titles to craft. You just need to start with “How to” and follow with whatever you’re teaching.

But this type of title isn’t just limited to “how to do something.” You can also teach “how not to do something.” You can list mistakes or misconceptions or make warnings.

Examples include:

  • How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website”
  • X Mistakes Small Online Business Owners Make”
  • How Beginner Writers Get SEO Wrong

6. Use a Question

Using a question as the title catches attention by arousing curiosity. Especially if you ask a thought-provoking question.

This approach is particularly effective on social media because it can spark a discussion that takes on a life of its own.

Some examples of this include:

  • Why Isn’t Your Content Marketing Strategy Working?
  • How Many Lead Magnets Should Your Business Have?
  • Is Hiring an SEO Expert Really Worth It?

7. Portray Yourself as an Expert

Coming off as an expert with nothing more than a lead magnet headline may seem hard, but the trick is to show that you thoroughly understand the problem your readers face. 

Your title should convey an understanding of why they experience that problem or how it comes to be.

Another way to establish expertise through your lead magnet title is to mention that you’ll feature advice from experts.

You can either use an expert’s name in the title or use words like “expert,” “leader,” or “pro.”

Here are a few such examples:

  • X Reasons Why Your Calls to Action Don’t Convert”
  • X Most Common Mistakes in Content Marketing”
  • Why Aren’t Your Readers Subscribing to Your Newsletter?”
  • How Experts Use SEO to Rank #1 on Google”

8. Keep It Short

People are much more likely to read a short title that only takes a glance. This is crucial as you have mere seconds to capture someone’s attention.

Also, a short title makes it much easier to design a cover page, landing page, pop-up, opt-in…It’ll make whatever you decide to do with it easier!

Here are a few final examples:

  • “Essential Steps to Start an Online Business”
  • “What No One Tells You About Email Marketing”
  • “X Rules for Social Media Marketing Success”
  • “Examples of Successful Marketers to Inspire You”

Now You Can Write a Lead Magnet Title that Converts

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to crafting the best lead magnet headlines.

You need to make sure you’re clearly conveying what your lead magnet is about and how it can benefit your readers while keeping it short and making it enticing enough for them to give you their emails in return.

Combine the tips and strategies in this article to help you come up with the perfect title for your lead magnet. For more info on crafting the best possible lead magnet, see our full guide on creating lead magnets that convert.

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