Want an easy way to create a decent-looking lead magnet?

Even better, want to do it for the unbeatable price of free?

Well, you’re in the right place!

We’ve gathered a collection of the best free lead magnet templates from around the web to help you painlessly create your own lead magnets.

We’ve broken the templates up into five of the major types of lead magnets. Click below to instantly jump to a specific section:

Lead Magnet Templates

Ebook Lead Magnet Templates

Ebooks tend to be the most content-heavy lead magnets, so the templates listed in this section are designed for multiple pages of content.

Use these if you have a good amount of text that needs to be broken up into a nicely-formatted design.


Templates for use in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Adobe Indesign.


An Adobe Indesign ebook template. The link also features a Pages ebook template for Mac users.

Adobe InDesign

A collection of templates from Adobe for their InDesign software.

Checklist Lead Magnet Templates

Checklists are merely a series of steps organized into a list that help accomplish a specific task.

You can make a checklist for anything, so checklists come in many different flavors. Sift through this collection to find a checklist template that will fit your task.


A selection of checklist templates to be used with the Canva online design software.


Microsoft offers several free templates for its Word and Excel software programs.

101 Planners

A few basic templates that can be downloaded as Word & Excel documents as well as editable PDF lead magnet templates.

Planner Lead Magnet Templates

Planners help organize users so they can make progress on a specific goal.

Unlike a checklist, a planner doesn’t have a standardized form, so planners can look drastically different from one another. The type of planner template you require will depend on your audience and what goal you’re trying to move them towards.

Play around with the templates in this collection to find one that’s a good fit for your needs.

Template Lab

A variety of planners with options for Word, Excel, Photoshop, and editable PDF templates.

Adobe Spark

Planner templates from Adobe specifically for use with their Spark software.

Case Study Lead Magnet Templates

Case studies are amazing for showcasing what you can do for customers/clients, but they can be tricky to execute well.

Using the following templates, you won’t get stuck trying to figure out how to perfectly craft your case study. Simply fill in the blanks!


A detailed case study template that can be downloaded for Word, Google Docs, or as a PDF.


Online design software Xtensio allows you to use a free version of their online software to create a well-formatted case study.

Email Course Lead Magnet Template

The email course template is different from the others in this post.

Instead of providing an editable template you can package and deliver to your audience, it provides text templates you can use to create your own series of email lessons.

Oh, and there’s only one template, from our good friends at ConverKit:

Taking It To The Next Level

Templates can be fine if you’re just getting started and have no other option, but you’ll quickly find they can be very limiting.

It’s hard to find a generic template that perfectly fits your unique audience and content. You may even be in a niche like travel, which has unique lead magnets specific to that niche.

Either way, figuring out how to edit templates to perfectly suit your needs is often a frustrating experience that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

And even if everything goes perfectly, generic templates just don’t have the professional polish that you often see from real businesses.

So, if you need something better, we suggest working with a graphic design professional.

And if you need the best, check us out here at Magnnetic. We specialize in professional lead magnet design, so when it comes to lead magnets, we’re your best bet 🙂

Regardless, lead magnets are a required part of any online marketing strategy. They are often your first, best opportunity to kickstart a wonderful relationship with your audience. So use the resources above to make it count!

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