On average, less than 2% of the visitors to your website will purchase your service on their first visit – this means that 98% of people leave without you making a penny in profit.

To sell, you first need to create trust with your prospects. You need to build a relationship with them without pressuring them into buying something.

That’s where lead magnets come in.

You provide value to your visitors with content that’s targeted and useful to them, keep building trust through an automated email campaign, and eventually earn their patronage when they’re ready to buy.

But we know it’s easier said than done.

In our time spent designing lead magnets here at Magnnetic, we’ve seen first hand how coming up with creative and effective dentist lead magnets can be a time-consuming exercise of trial and error.

So, in this article, we’ll look at some tried-and-true lead magnets for dentists to help you make the most of your website by capturing leads.

What Makes A Good Lead Magnet For Dentists?

A great lead magnet needs to be completely irresistible – here are seven things that make an effective lead magnet:

1. Solve a Problem

Your lead magnet needs to solve a problem your visitors have or give them something they really crave or need. You should promise and deliver a quick solution that is easily achieved by them.

2. Be Highly Specific

You can’t create a general lead magnet and expect to get leads that are genuinely interested in your product or service.

If you’re giving out free movie tickets, everyone will sign up, but they’re not genuinely interested in your dentistry services.

The more specific you are about the benefit they’ll get and the more targeted to your audience, the more you’ll capture and convert leads.

3. Make It Easy to Digest

Long eBooks or white papers may make your prospects feel overwhelmed with so much to go through. PDF checklists or cheat sheets, for example, are quick and easy to digest and usually have a high conversion rate.

4. Make It Instantly Accessible

This should go without saying – people love instant gratification and forget easily. So, your lead magnet should be something you can deliver instantaneously.

5. Make It Emotional

This point is not essential in all cases, but emotion makes people take action – and become leads. Using emotional trigger words like “free” or “life-changing” can lead to better results.

6. Showcase Your Expertise

We first started by saying that lead magnets are a way of building trust and a relationship with your client. 

It should also be a unique value proposition that demonstrates your expertise. Ultimately, prospects will trust you if you’re an expert on the matter.

7. Provide High Value

And the most important point of all: your lead magnet must be perceived as valuable and then actually deliver lots of value. Clickbait won’t get you anywhere when it comes to forming trust.

Lead Magnet Ideas for Dentists

We visited the top dentistry websites in the US and surprisingly only about 20% are using lead magnets. So implementing lead magnets for your dental practice is an easy way to gain a competitive edge.

On top of that, there are plenty of websites missing on the opportunity of gathering prospects’ emails. Some offer a complimentary first consultation but don’t ask for the email, others offer a discount for the first visit but, again, don’t ask for the email.

Obviously, not getting the prospect’s email is a huge missed opportunity.

Let’s take a look at six good examples of lead magnets for dentists done right.

1. Discounts and Coupons

Offering a discount is one of the best ways to get new clients – and get some new leads on your email list along the way.

You can offer a general discount on any of your services, only on the first consultation, or in a specific procedure, as Harmony Dental does. They offer a discount on teeth whitening and ask for an email address to deliver the coupon:

Harmony Dental discount dentist lead magnet.

Following is another example of a discount offer. Hildreth Dental has a discount for patients visiting for the first time. Asking to book a $200 consultation right away might be a little intimidating to some, but is effective at generating highly-qualified leads:

Hildreth Dental's intial visit discount offer is a good lead magnet for dentists.

Another idea is delivering a coupon for their first visit via email with no strings attached. You can build a relationship with the prospect until they’re actually ready to book a visit.

2. Freebies

Anything free will instantly get people’s attention. You can offer a free consultation, patient exam, or teeth whitening for example. 

But don’t forget to ask for their email or even phone number – if you book those free practices directly on your website without asking for an email, you’re missing a huge opportunity to profit in the future.

Law Orthodontics is a great example of this type of lead magnet for dentists. They offer a free face-to-face or online consultation for new clients and ask for their email and phone number when filling in the form:

A good lead magnet idea for dentists is a free consultation as shown by Law Orthodontics.

3. Educational Content

Whether you’re a dentist, lawyer, or anything else, providing educational content is the classic approach to lead magnets.

Providing free educational content brings you many benefits. Besides new emails on your list, it establishes you as an expert and builds trust since you’re providing something of value to your customers, like City Orthodontics does:

This ebook by City Orthodontics makes for a good dental lead magnet.

Checklists and cheat sheets can also be very effective pieces of educational content. For example, you could offer a cheat sheet for “Habits You Need to Have at Home to Maintain a Flawless Smile”.

4. Assessments

Quizzes and assessments can be a great way to engage your audience in a unique way. And once they’ve completed an assessment, they’ll be so eager to receive the results that they’ll happily give their email.

Here’s a good example from Sahara Dental:

Sahara Dental's oral health assessment.

5. Personalized Video Consults

A video consult personalized for a specific prospect is a high-value lead magnet that really stands out. It combines the power of professional consultation without the hassle of leaving home or even engaging in a conversation.

Here’s how Michaela Tozzi implements this great strategy:

Personalized video consults as a dental practice lead magnet.

6. Online Tools

Dental clinic Tend uses a clever way of capturing prospects’ emails.

Most other dentistry websites have a list of what types of insurance they accept, but Tend asks prospects for their email and insurer to perform an instant eligibility check:

Tend uses insurance eligibility as a dentistry lead magnet.

Lead Magnet Ideas for Dentists – The Bottom Line

Creating a good lead magnet for dentists takes time, but creating one that’s outstanding requires more than time.

To craft a successful dentist lead magnet you must make an enticing and targeted promise, clearly state the benefits or opportunity, keep it simple, and end with a great call to action.

But, as it’s commonly said in online marketing, the money is in your email list. So, it’s definitely worth it.

Better to start with a simpler dentist lead magnet than to let all those visitors leave your website without any way to contact them. Over time, you can experiment with other lead magnets to further increase your leads and clients.

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