Coaches often struggle with marketing.

It’s especially frustrating because coaches do well when they can talk to a potential client. Once they get a conversation going, they have no problem converting clients.

That’s why one of the standard lead magnet ideas for coaches is simply “book a discovery call”.

But getting to that booking in the first place can feel damn near impossible.

Here’s the problem: as a service, coaching is still so new that few people are actively looking for it. And trying to sell something nobody’s looking for is a losing battle.

However, if you frame your service as a solution to the problems people already have, you’ll find yourself with more clients than you can handle.

And the first step to achieving that is crafting a good lead magnet for coaching.

Lead magnets are free offers or gifts given to potential clients in exchange for their contact info, usually their email address.

Unlike lead magnets for ecommerce, effective lead magnets for coaches provide an opportunity to reach out to potential clients over time, build rapport, and move towards a conversation.

But making one that does more than just waste your time can be a bit tricky. Some like to over complicate this, but as lead magnet specialists, here’s a simple way we’ve found works to generate powerful lead magnets for coaches. It requires asking yourself just two questions:

  1. What is the end result your dream clients wish to achieve?
  2. What are all the typical obstacles that stand between your dream clients and their desired end result?

Each of the obstacles you list can be used to inspire several lead magnet ideas for coaches.

To see this in action, we’ll look at example lead magnets for coaches across three of the major coaching disciplines:

You will see a variety of real-life coach lead magnets being used by actual coaches to help inspire your own lead magnets.

Lead Magnets For Life Coaches

Life coaching encompasses a wide range of personal and professional challenges, but the goal usually comes down to helping clients create a more fulfilling life that aligns with their values and purpose. Let’s have a look at a few lead magnet ideas for coaches in this niche that serve as entry point for that ultimate goal.

Guides & Ebooks

1. Laura Schoenfeld

Laura Schoenfeld uses a big, 83-page ebook to help her target audience derive purpose.

2. Melody Wilding

Melody Wilding offers a guide to taming critical self talk.


3. Jamie Dadant

Jamie Dadant uses worksheets to help her prospects set boundaries.

4. Nona Panygeres

Nona Panygeres has a worksheet to help her audience craft a vision that aligns with their true happiness.

Video & Webinar

5. Krista St-Germain

Krista St-Germain makes use of video to connect with widowed mothers.

6. Mo Faul

Mo Faul has a webinar to help her audience get the most from their career.


7. Connie Chapman

Connie Chapman provides a 6-part audio series to her subscribers.

8. Alison Kay

Alison Kay gets her audience unstuck with a 20-minute meditative audio.


9. Talane Miedaner

Talane Miedaner has a quiz to allow her prospects to quickly identify their biggest  emotional needs.

10. Vesna Hrsto

One of Vesna Hrsto’s coaching lead magnets is a quiz designed to gauge her ideal client’s energy.

Digital Courses

11. Jody Moore

Jody Moore reels in her ideal clients with a video course specifically for dealing with a difficult sister-in-law.

Tool Kits & Resources

12. Maria Conde

Maria Conde gives away her top 20 self-care tools for women.

Lead Magnets For Relationship Coaches

Relationship coaches tend to focus on developing or improving communication and interaction between people, most commonly with regard to romantic pursuits. Here’s a look at a few coach lead magnets that align with that focus:

Guides & Ebooks

13. Rori Raye

Rori Raye offers a 5-step guide to getting commitment in a relationship.

14. Alex Cormont

Alex Cormont uses a former Amazon best seller to entice his readers.

15. Mat Boggs

Matt Boggs provides his audience with a texting guide for women.

Video & Webinar

16. Lisa Shield

Lisa Shield gives a webinar training to help her female audience attract their Soul Guardians.

17. Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey presents a video lead magnet at the very top of his homepage.


18. Lisa Romano

Lisa Romano uses a quiz to help her ideal clients identify if they have codependency issues in relationships.

Digital Courses

19. Darcy Iverson

Darcy Iverson gives a 5-day email course for attracting love.


20. Shana Schutte

Shana Schutte provides a simple checklist for prospects to see if they’re ready to date.

Resource Library

21. Brie Schmidt

Instead of a single lead magnet, Brie Schmidt offers access to a library of guides, worksheets, quizzes and more.

Tip Lists

22.Christal Fuentes

Christal Fuentes has 10 relationship tips for her target audience.

23. Barbara Santen

Barbara Santen has 5 tips for helping to eliminate resentment in the relationships of her audience.


24. Dulcie McDermott

Dulcie McDermott issues a challenge to her readers that will take them through a 5-day intensive that includes guides, tools, videos, and a meditation audio.

Lead Magnets For Business Coaches

Business coaches specialize in a number of things that influence and directly impact the priorities of a business. This ranges from things like personal productivity and organizational strategy to analyzing market demands and implementing marketing initiatives. Let’s see how those in this niche create effective lead magnets for coaching.

Guides & Ebooks

25. Natalie Heeley

Natalie Heeley provides guidance for network marketers looking to get started.

26. Samantha Hearne

Samantha Hearne gives prospects a way to evaluate their niche, client journey, and discovery calls.

27. Vanessa Hallick

 Vanessa Hallick offers 8 steps help her ideal clients scale their income. She also takes advantage of a few key tricks to create a high-converting title for a lead magnet.

28. Amanda Kolbye

Amanda Kolbye uses a guide to help her audience get started with an online business in 30 days.

Video & Webinar

29. David Moerman

David Moerman has a webinar to help home service businesses grow.

30. Andrea Palten

Andrea Palten makes use of a video lesson to teach her prospects how to run Facebook and Instagram ads for their business.

Digital Courses

31. Jacqueline Shaw

Jacqueline Shaw helps her ideal clients start their African fashion business with a 4-part video series.

32. Jackie Skinner

Jackie Skinner offers a 5-day training to help people grow their yoga business.

33. Sarah Quinney

While Sarah Quinney uses a 5-day training to help people scale their ecommerce business.


34. Nancy Ganzekaufer

Nancy Ganzekaufer helps time-strapped entrepreneurs analyze their time usage with a worksheet.

35. Christa Potter

Christa Potter’s worksheet provides 25 questions to help her ideal clients improve their productivity in business.

36. Kheiston Boone

Kheiston Boone gives a workbook to help business owners asses and improve their profitability.


37. Paulien Pierik

Paulien Pierik uses a quiz to help her prospects determine the areas in their businesses that require the most attention.


38. Amy McLean

Amy McLean offers a checklist to give daily clarity in day-to-day business affairs.


39. Jeanette Falu-Bishop

Jeanetter Falu-Bishop helps people interested in starting a massage business with a customizable spreadsheet to help calculate their cost of doing business.


40. AdviCoach

The team behind AdviCoach offers to calculate the sellability of a business and provide a detailed analysis and a consultation with one of their business coaches to help increase business value.

Create Your Own Coaching Lead Magnets

As you can see, there are plenty of lead magnet ideas for coaches out there, and this is by no means an exhaustive list. Use these to inspire your own lead magnets and you’ll be well on your way to creating lead magnets that get leads and clients.

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