A well-written ebook can be used for plenty of purposes – as long as you put out great content, use the right marketing strategy, and position it properly in the marketplace, you’re on the right track.

All you need to write an ebook is a purpose – does your business have a fascinating story? Do you have knowledge in a specific field you want to share? Maybe you just need a lead magnet to get new email subscribers…

Regardless, if you don’t have the time or the skills, you can easily hire someone to write an ebook.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to outsource ebook writing, how to find an ebook ghostwriter, and how much should hiring someone to write an ebook cost.


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How To Outsource Ebook Writing

When using a ghostwriter to create an ebook to sell or to promote you or your business in some way, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

What’s the style of your ebook?

Are you looking for a narrative, informative, technical, or other ebook style?

What’s your aim with this ebook?

Do you want to promote one of your products, promote the services of your business, or just get more subscribers to your email list? These are just a few possibilities.

Who is your audience?

The general population, executives, seniors? Perhaps you want to target a very specific demographic, like young adults who want to become digital nomads or seniors wanting to start yoga?

What’s the size of your ebook?

Consider parameters like word count and formatting.

How involved will the ghostwriter be?

Will you be providing all the information or does he/she need to research from scratch?

After you have the answer to these questions, you can start scouting for the perfect writer. But there are a few parameters you should evaluate while trying to find your perfect match, including:

1. Their Level of Experience

First of all, you need to make sure you’re hiring someone with an adequate level of experience in the type and/or topic of ebook you’re looking to write.

2. Their Quality Guarantee

When hiring someone, make sure editing is included. After getting the first manuscript, you should be able to provide feedback to the writer to get the final result you desire. 

3. Their Graphic Design Skills

Depending on the type of ebook you’re outsourcing, you may want to add illustrations, graphic elements, or data charts, among other things.

If you can find a ghostwriter that can take care of all these elements in a visually appealing way, you eliminate the need to outsource a graphic designer or hire an ebook design agency like us.

How To Find An Ebook Ghostwriter

The most common doubt when hiring is where to hire an ebook ghostwriter. Having an acquaintance that can recommend a writer is the easiest way, but most people aren’t that lucky.

You can choose to hire an independent ghostwriter or go for a ghostwriting agency. There are some pretty renowned companies out there that you can check out. There are even some specializing in business ebook writing.

If you don’t want to work with an agency, you can just directly find a ghostwriter for ebooks. There are plenty of options.

In some cases, like Upwork or Freelancer, you post a job – including the scope of the work, your writer requirements, and your intended budget – and wait for freelancers to bid on your project.

Other platforms work differently. On Fiverr, for example, you search for ghostwriters and each freelancer will have pre-set  pricing packages of what they can offer you.

And there’s even a third option – on platforms like Toptal, Contently, and PubLoft, you connect with a group of experts that manage the platform and connect you with freelancers. Simply present what you’re looking for and they search for the best match for you within their pool of freelancers.

Alternatively, you can try to find writers on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Through this method, you can either contact the writer directly or post a job in the case of Facebook groups and LinkedIn.

How Much Should Hiring Someone To Write An Ebook Cost

Ebook ghostwriting prices can vary greatly depending on the length and topic of your ebook and the reputation and experience of the writer. The pricing model can vary as well. While some writers charge by the project, others may charge by the page.

On places like Upwork or Fiverr, you can hire a beginner writer for as little as $0.005 or $0.01 per word. People taking these prices are foreigners from developing countries, so be prepared to make your own edits – and there will be plenty!

In the mid-range, you can get a writer for $0.05 to $0.10 or $200 to $600 for the full project. And it’ll most likely require little to no editing on your part – as long as you conduct a thorough interviewing process before hiring.

An all-star writer will command higher prices – anything between $700 and $2500. But you’ll get a lot more perks as well. First, you’ll get an outstanding piece, no doubt about it. The delivery time may also be shorter and you could get some marketing bonuses included.

Note that these prices are for shorter ebooks – like lead magnets or specialized ebooks that online entrepreneurs sell.

Besides the writer, you also need to consider if you will need an illustrator, graphic designer, editor, or marketer – obviously, each one will increase the costs. If you need a full team, it’ll probably be easier and more affordable to contact an agency offering all these services.

Outsourcing Ebook Writing – The Bottom Line

All in all, hiring a ghostwriter for ebooks can be a very profitable investment. Whether you have a great ebook idea or just plan to use it as a form of marketing, have someone write your ebook for you. A great ghostwriter will add the professional tone and eloquence your book needs. 

An experienced writer knows how to write for the specific audience you’re targeting, highlight the most important topics while leaving out unnecessary details, and just make the overall reading experience more enjoyable.

While you’re juggling different tasks in your personal and professional life, a writer will make your ebook their priority and finish much faster than you can. You’ll get stuck, maybe you won’t even know where to start. Some days, you might read what you wrote the day before and want to erase it all.

Instead, find someone to write an ebook for you – after reading this guide, you know how simple it is!


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