Want to know a secret about how to create a fitness ebook?

Writing it is the easy part.

The hard part?

Writing a good ebook; something that makes you stand out among a sea of competition; something that grabs your ideal clients by the collar and makes them excited to buy your services and products.

That’s much harder. Especially in the fitness industry.

You’ve probably noticed it yourself: the web is overflowing with content from fitness gurus, celebrity trainers, ripped Instagram models, bodybuilding bloggers, yoga Youtubers, and everything in between.

There’s a ton of noise out there. Trying to figure out if and how you can provide anything of value can be overwhelming.

But if you want to learn how to make a fitness ebook, there is a powerful strategy you can use to slice through the noise and laser target your perfect prospects.

This method of learning how to write a fitness ebook emphasizes a strategic approach that relies on five steps:

Table of Contents

Follow this process and you’ll be well on your way to creating a fitness ebook that convinces your audience to not only hand over their email address or credit cards, but also something far more valuable in this noisy world: their attention.

We’ll also break down real examples of how to create a fitness ebook by looking at some successful fitness professionals.

How To Create A Fitness Ebook

1. Define The Target

The first, most important step when it comes to making a fitness ebook is defining your target audience.

But, before we can do that, you must understand your target market. Literally everything depends on this. Your target market is the foundation of your entire business.

It not only determines what products you’ll sell, but also your price points, marketing messages, design, etc.

Perhaps that’s why legendary marketer Philip Kotler once said:

There is only one winning strategy. It is to carefully define the target market and direct a superior offering to that target market.

Philip Kotler

Think of your target market as all of the people your products and services could appeal to and serve. This can be fairly broad or a bit more narrow. Examples of target markets could be:

  • People who want to lose weight.
  • Men looking to build muscle.
  • Women wanting sculpted glutes.

A target audience, on the other hand, is a segment of your target market that that responds best to a specific marketing messages. Examples of target audiences could be:

  • Busy moms frustrated with the extra 20 pounds they’ve put on.
  • Men who want a muscular physique to attract female attention.
  • Millenial women who want a well-toned backside like their favorite Instagram model.

Your target market can contain multiple target audiences. But, for the purposes of how to write a fitness ebook, you’ll need to focus on just one audience.

That’s how you cut through the noise. By creating a fitness ebook for a well-defined group of people, your ebook will stand out as the obvious choice for their specific problem.

Think about it: which offer is more appealing to a mom with a hectic schedule who feels she’s let herself go?

Offer 1: an ebook for people who want to lose weight.

Offer 2: an ebook for busy moms frustrated with the extra 20 pounds they’ve put on.

Obviously, the mom is going to go with offer 2. So, how do you define your target market/audience so you can create a laser-targeted fitness ebook like offer 2?

First, you need to identify the demographics and psychographics of your market/audience. I know that might sound intimidating, but it’s quite simple.


Demographics are simply the identifying characteristics of a group. They include things like:

  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Ethnicity
  • Income Level
  • Education level
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation
  • Geographic Location
  • Number of Children


Psychographics refer to a group’s habits, interests, and personal values. If demographics tell you “who,” then pyschographics tell you “why” people do things. Things in this category include:

  • Personality (extroverted vs introverted)
  • How they spend their time (day-to-day activities, hobbies, and lifestyle)
  • Where they spend their time (at home, at friends’ places, night clubs, etc.)
  • Beliefs (political and/or religious)
  • Causes they are passionate about (saving the planet, veganism, etc.)

Based on the experiences of people we’ve worked with here at Magnnetic, here is the easiest way we’ve found to define your target market and audiences:

Target Market = Demographics

Target Audiences = Psychographics

In other words, your target market will be defined by your overall demographics. Your target audiences, however, will be defined by psychographics. And each target audience within your target market will have its own unique pyschographic profile.

To fill in these details, you’ll want to use your experience and preferences. Think about who your ideal clients are and the traits of clients you’ve already worked with. After doing this, you should have a well-defined target market and at least one target audience.

This was a big step because it’s the most important in how to make a fitness ebook.

2. Find The Hidden Goal

Next for making a fitness ebook, you’ll need to identify the hidden goal of your target audience.

Every target audience has underlying desires and motivations that drive them. People aren’t driven by the idea of losing 50 pounds. They are driven by wanting to:

  • Feel confident and attractive to the opposite sex, turning heads wherever they go.
  • Be able to still fit into their wedding dress, making all their girlfriends jealous.
  • Feel energized and young again, with the physical performance of a man half their age.
  • …and an infinite number of other things.

Ask yourself: what are those desires buried deep down that truly drive your target audience?

An easy way to dig these up is to keep asking “why” and “what”.

Why do they want to achieve this thing? What would happen if they did it? What would their life look like? Why would that be good?

This gets you started thinking like your audience. Combining this with the next step is a game changer.

3. Determine The Obstacles

This step is a crucial part of how to make a fitness ebook, as it’s directly tied to the topic of your ebook.

Now that you know your target audience and their hidden goal, you must determine the obstacles between your audience and their goal.

Do they find diets impossible to stick to? Do they have trouble programming a routine? Are they trying to workout around a long-term injury? Do they struggle to find the time?

Everyone has obstacles that block their goals. What stands in the way of your target audience?

A powerful way to get into your audience’s mind is to ask yourself: what is the story they tell themselves to justify where they are at?

This thought exercise allows your to speak the language of your audience. That’s how to create a fitness ebook that hooks your ideal prospects and reels them in kicking and screaming.

4. Get Specific

Now you’re prepared to choose the topic of your fitness ebook. You do this by focusing on a single, specific obstacle you found in Step 3.

Your ebook will provide a solution to only that specific obstacle.

There are a few big advantages to doing things this way.

First, by addressing a specific obstacle for a specific target audience, you become the obvious choice for these particular people.

Going back to the example from Step 1, it’s the difference between “an ebook for people who want to lose weight” and “an ebook for busy moms frustrated with the extra 20 pounds they’ve put on.”

Again, for a mom with a hectic schedule who feels she’s let herself go, the second ebook would be a godsend! Meanwhile, the first ebook is so generic it probably won’t catch anyone’s attention at all.

Second, by narrowing the focus of your ebook to a particular specialization, you bolster your credibility and authority with your target audience.

Clearly, someone teaching about the ideal diet habits of male executives aged 50+ has a good amount of experience dealing with that particular kind of client. Even if that’s not true, it will certainly feel that way to your target audience.

And the last advantage to getting specific when writing a fitness ebook leads us into Step 5…

5. Deliver A Quick Win

Steps 4 & 5 help avoid a mistake we see all too often when it comes to writing a fitness ebook: trying to write a massive ebook that covers everything.

Aside from not being specific enough to hook your target audience, there is another fatal flaw in this approach: their is no instant gratification.

Nowadays, with our ever-shortening attention spans, we want instant gratification. If something doesn’t provide a tangible benefit fast, we move on.

The same applies when considering how long your ebook should be. You need to give your audience a quick win. A huge ebook will just overwhelm your readers. Ultimately, they’ll drop it and never return.

By going specific, however, your ebook will be short and sweet. And since you focus on solving a specific problem for your target audience, they’ll feel like they actually got value from your ebook. So, your audience will be left with a positive impression of your brand and be especially receptive to your paid products and services.

Still, it’s easy to get carried away when talking about topics you’re passionate about or have a lot of knowledge about. So, keep in mind that you want your fitness ebook to be easy to digest and implement.

And there you have it! These 5 steps are the key to how to write a fitness ebook. Next up is the part that can be almost as hard as writing your fitness ebook: designing it.

How To Design A Fitness Ebook

Content is king, as they say, but design is queen.

You might have the best-written ebook the fitness industry has ever seen, but it won’t matter if your ebook is ugly. As a representation of you and your brand, the design of your ebook speaks volumes about the quality of your products and services. Something that looks unprofessional will be deemed unprofessional.

Bottom line: good design is important.

Good design, layout, and formatting enhances your content and elevates your brand. When looking to design a fitness ebook, you have a few ebook design pricing options, but here are the most popular:

If you have time to invest and can make do with basic design, you can do it yourself using a design tool like Canva. Check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to create an ebook in Canva.

Alternatively, if you prefer to get the best design possible that’s tailor made for your brand, consider a professional ebook design service like us.

Either way, make sure your ebook’s design is a good representation of you and your brand

Examples Of How To Create A Fitness Ebook

Now let’s look at a couple examples of this stuff in real life. We’ll look at two fitness ebooks from a couple of successful fitness professionals and see how they’ve integrated the 5 Steps.

Lauren Simpson’s Power Booty Program is a paid ebook specifically for intermediate-level women who want to “go from a pancake booty to a strong power booty”. Let’s look at the 5-Step breakdown:

1. The target audience is women within Lauren’s age range who already have some experience in the gym.

2. Their goal is to transform their pancake booties into shapely buns.

3. The audience’s obstacle is that despite their time in the gym, they struggle to build rounder, lifted glutes.

4. As we can see from the first three points, the ebook is specific in who it helps and what problem it solves.

5. It delivers a quick win by being an easily digestible, short ebook that promises to deliver results in just 6 weeks, making it easy for any gym bunny to incorporate.

Nick Cheadle’s free ebook, 7 Ways To Build A Bigger Chest, is aimed at men who aren’t progressing with their chest gains and want to “fill out any shirts, singlets or tanks” Here’s the 5-Step breakdown:

1. The target audience is men within Nick’s age range who are beginning to plateau in the development of their pecs.

2. Their goal is to finally fill out their shirts with a big, firm chest.

3. Their obstacle is that they don’t know where to turn next after having plateaued with their current routine.

4. The first three points show this ebook is clearly aimed at a specific problem of a certain target audience.

5. The ebook delivers an easily digestible seven tips that can be implemented immediately into a routine.

Bonus Tips On How To Write A Fitness Ebook

Include Photos

When it comes to creating a fitness ebook, pictures are a must. You should include both stock photos and personal photos in your fitness ebook.

Most fitness brands are closely tied to their owner, so we recommend having a couple photos of your face as well as any pics of you training clients.

Use good stock photos to break up text and complement your content. Here are some of our favorite sources of free, high-quality images:

Use Call To Actions

The real goal of your ebook, whether you’re giving it away or selling it on your site, should be to pull people further along your sales funnel. You want them to buy the next logical program or service, which should be a step up from the ebook.

And to do that, your ebook needs to prompt your readers to take that next step.

That’s where a call to action comes in. A call to action is simply a phrase that tells readers what they should do next. It tells them the exact action to take to move further along your sales funnel, but for their benefit, not yours.

For example, let’s say you have a program that complements your ebook. It’s the next step that will make everything in the ebook 10x more effective and unlock secrets you only share with members of your program.

At the end of your ebook you could mention the program and say something like, “click here to check out my 10x program!”

The part in quotes would be the call to action.

Simple, yet powerful. If you don’t tell people exactly what to do, they won’t do it.

Now You Know How To Create A Fitness Ebook

If you follow the 5-step process laid out in this post, you’re guaranteed to make a fitness ebook that stands out, magnetically attracts your ideal prospects, and positions you as reliable authority they’d be happy to spend money with.

It may just be the first part of an effective fitness sales funnel, but if you get this right, everything else is a lot easier!

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