There are multiple ways to host your lead magnets so you can share them with your email subscribers, but if you use an all-in-one platform like Wix, the easiest option is to just use the Wix file manager. From there, you have a couple options for the seamless delivery of your lead magnets.

Here’s a simple, step-by-step breakdown of how to create a Wix lead magnet:

1. Open your site in the Wix editor and select “Media” in the left-hand menu.

2. Select the blue “Upload Media” button. Then, click the “Upload from Computer” button.

3. Select your lead magnet from its location on your computer.

uploading a lead magnet to Wix

4. The lead magnet file will begin uploading and appear in your Media Files manager.

5. Hover over the lead magnet and select the “…” option. From the dropdown menu, select the “Copy URL” option.

Once you’ve copied the URL, you can give the link to people who sign up for your lead magnet.

The best way to do this is to automatically send an email containing the link whenever someone signs up for your lead magnet. This can all be done within Wix, but requires several more steps.

Sending A Lead Magnet With Wix

1. Set up your lead magnet signup form

First, you’ll need to have a form somewhere on your site where people can submit their name and email in exchange for your lead magnet.

Check out this Wix support article on setting up forms if you need help.

2. Set up an email automation

Next, you’ll need to create an automation that is triggered whenever a form is submitted.

You can jump into Automation settings by going to:

Form Settings –> Automations –> Send a thank you email

An image showing how to get to automation settings for your Wix lead magnet.

Choosing “Send a thank you email” takes you to an Automation that’s already configured to send a follow-up email. All you need to do is add your “Sender Details” and edit the email template to change the design, wording, and add your lead magnet link.

For more info on how to edit the design of the email template, see this Wix support article.

Now you may have noticed that setting up a Wix lead magnet using only Wix can be very limiting.

For example, your email automation will trigger for any and every form. So, you can only use one form and one lead magnet on your entire site. However, best practice is to use multiple lead magnets.

Also, you can’t create sophisticated email sequences that send several emails over time based on different triggers. And without a good email sequence, there’s almost no point in having a lead magnet at all. The email sequence is what builds a relationship with your audience and converts them into customers.

So, how can you add a lead magnet to Wix while avoiding these shortcomings?

We recommend using a third-party email service provider (ESP) like ConvertKit or MailChimp. By doing it this way, you can create and manage multiple forms within the ESP and simply embed them in your Wix site. Here’s a help article from ConvertKit on how to do just that.

But, best of all, ESPs focus on just one thing: email. So, they give you a lot of functionality that is impossible in Wix, such as creating powerful email sequences tailored for different audiences and stages of the buyer journey.

Most ESPs even allow you to upload and host your lead magnet files with them, so you can manage the entire process with your ESP if you like.

Now You Know How To Add A Lead Magnet To Wix

In this article we’ve looked at all the steps necessary to add a lead magnet to a Wix site. But while it’s possible to do it all within Wix, we highly recommend you sign up for an email service provider if you’re serious about building an email list and eventually making money from it.

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