The health and fitness industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years.

But all of that means nothing if you can’t get a piece of the pie.

Whether you’re a personal trainer, gym owner, or other fitness professional, you probably didn’t get into the fitness industry to be a marketing expert. Yet, if you want to have an impact, help more people, and get paid, you’ll need clients.

And you’ll need marketing to attract new clients and customers. But this doesn’t have to be a difficult or intimidating process.

There is a simple first step you can take to start seeing results quickly: creating fitness lead magnets.

You may already know that a lead magnet is some kind of product or offer given in exchange for a person’s email. But it’s important to understand why they are important.

They allow for a simple, automated way to engage prospects, generate leads, and start conversations that turn those leads into loyal clients.

A good fitness lead magnet is very powerful and extremely effective. That’s why most of the top online fitness entrepreneurs use them in one form or another.

So, in this post, we’ll look at how some top fitness professionals use lead magnets in their marketing. Use these examples to help inspire your own fitness lead magnet ideas.

Fitness Lead Magnets

1. Guides

Guides are a set of instructions used to accomplish a specific goal. They make a great lead magnet for fitness as they are an easy way to give your audience quick wins, which is an effective lead magnet best practice.


2. Videos

Videos are a hugely popular form of content in the fitness world and can be one of the best lead magnets for fitness due to their naturally instructive nature. After all, it’s much easier to demonstrate how to properly do an exercise than try to explain it with words and pictures. Best of all, video tends to be one of the best-converting lead magnets.


3. Ebooks

Ebooks tend to be longer-form content than guides, but also revolve around educating your audience about a particular topic. They are one of the most common fitness lead magnets as they can work well alongside other offers or lead magnets.


4. Free Trials

A free trial can be an effective fitness lead magnet if you have any kind of ongoing subscription service/program. Just like software has free trials, this gives prospects a limited-time taste of what you offer.


5. Email Lessons

Email courses are a natural extension of lead magnets since prospects must submit their email in order to receive them in the first place. It’s a good lead magnet for fitness as it allows you to deliver value and automatically build rapport across several touch points.


Dr. Sara Solomon

6. Free Programs

Programs are usually week+ instructional courses revolving around specific fitness goals. The high-perceived value of a program gives people a strong incentive to sign up for your lead magnet.


7. Meal Plans

This is one of the more common fitness lead magnets thanks to their simplicity and ease of use while still being valuable to people on their fitness journey.


Anais Fit

8. Free Consultations

This is one of the favorite lead magnet ideas for coaches and personal trainers. However, this fitness lead magnet requires a higher commitment from prospects, so it’s best used alongside other lead magnets on this list that require less of a commitment. Check our article for a breakdown of how many lead magnets you should be using.


Anais Fit

9. Starter Kits

Starter kits are collections of freebies meant to facilitate a fitness journey. They are one of the higher-value fitness lead magnet ideas and are great if you already have a good amount of content, products, and offers.


Nerd Fitness

10. Challenges

A challenge is a multi-day intensive that pushes your audience to consistently engage in certain activities over a prolonged period of time.


11. Blueprints

Blueprints are fast-track guidelines to achieving a super specific goal. These are one of the best lead magnets for fitness when it comes to giving your audience a quick win.


Carrots 'N' Cake

12. Assessments

After answering several questions of your choosing, your audience is able to get important insights about themselves with the use of an assessment. These can be a really useful fitness lead magnet idea since they enable you to categorize your prospects based on their assessment results.


Driven Mind Training

13. Calendars

Calendars map out fitness regimens for an entire month. They tell your audience exactly what to do and what days to do them.


14. Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets are the crib notes of the lead magnet world. They provide brief reminders or tidbits, usually only highlighting the most critical info.


15. Printables

As the name suggests, printables are files designed specifically to be downloaded and printed by your audience. These can include graphics, calendars, and worksheets, among other things.


16. Coupons

One of the less common fitness lead magnet ideas, coupons can be useful in capturing emails of people who already have some familiarity with your brand and products/services.


Dr. Sara Solomon

Create Your Own Fitness Lead Magnet

Now that you’ve seen how some of the best do it, you should be well equipped to develop your own fitness lead magnets.

Though creating lead magnets is just the first step to effective online marketing, they’re absolutely crucial.

As lead magnet designers here at Magnnetic, we know that lead magnets are frequently the first point of active engagement a stranger has with your brand. So, to ever have a chance of being able to turn your audience into customers, your lead magnets need to get your relationship off on the right foot. So study the above examples so you, too, can put your best foot forward!

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