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Finally, Give Your Ebooks That High-End Look

Without the hassle

You wear a lot of hats. You’re:

a “founder”

or an “owner”

or just a plain ‘ol

But you're a lot more than that...

You’re also

the marketing

and on

the IT department

the brand

and on…

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Too much to make your ebook look perfect.
And that’s a shame.

If your ebook provides value,
then we believe it should look the part, too.

You know your products and services are fantastic. And you have an amazing vision for the branding of your business.

So, shouldn’t your ebook reflect that?

In fact, if you’re running a real business, it HAS to…

Everything you give your audience is a reflection of your brand. And, thanks to the psychological bias known as the Halo Effect, the way something looks even affects how people perceive its value.

Basically, if you want your ebook to:

Then professional design is crucial!

There’s just one problem…

There are only so many hours you can spend trying to hack your way around a design tool. And finding a reliable designer is not only time consuming and expensive, you risk hiring a dud who doesn’t really “get” your visual style.

So, frustration sets in. You just don’t have the time or skills to make your ebook look as good as you know it should.

That's where Magnnetic comes in

We are
your personal team
of ebook designers.

We will hand craft a polished ebook layout and deliver a professionally formatted PDF design.

No more
wasting time
on DIY.
No more
wasting money
on freelancers.
No more
generic templates
that make you look
like everyone else.

Instead, get high-end results from a dedicated team that's responsive, accessible, and above all, can turn around quality work consistently and quickly. That's because we have a ton of experience. And, unlike others, we specialize in ebook design.

We've failed. We've succeeded. And we know what works. Our development process has been refined and honed to a razor's edge, which gives us a sort of "killer instinct" when it comes to ebook design.

It's the result of blood, sweat, and tears for us. But for you the result will be a stunning, one-of-a-kind ebook that your audience will love.

And getting it is easy. There are only 3 steps:


Enter your ebook's word count and place your order.


Provide the text as a PDF, Word doc, or text file along with any necessary graphics.


Within 10 business days you'll receive a professionally branded PDF ebook unique to you and your brand.


You can request unlimited revisions, too. We'll keep working until you love the results.

Imagine how it would feel to have an ebook you’re truly proud of. One as good as, if not better than, that of the Big Dogs—the leaders in your niche that you look up to.

Can you see the amazing first impressions you’ll make with new prospects? Can you hear the praise from customers who value the quality of your content?

Then professional design is crucial!

Our Work

Here’s a look at what we’ve done for others:


And here's what
some of them have to say:

We created Magnnetic
to be the best ebook design service
for online entrepreneurs:

Save Time
No need to waste time learning how to use design programs or starting from scratch whenever you create a new ebook.
Save Money
No more wasted money on mediocre designers that deliver average results. No more paying for expensive revisions to make your ebooks look just right.
Stand Out
No more dull-looking ebooks. No generic templates used by thousands. Your professionally branded content will be completely unique to you and your brand.
Stop Worrying
No need to worry if your branding is good enough. Get the beautiful, high-end look your business deserves. And with unlimited revisions, we won't stop until it's perfect.

Get Top Design
Without Paying Top Dollar

An experienced, professional freelance
ebook designer will cost you $60+/hr.

And the costs add up fast.

By time you're done, a big 8,000+ word ebook can have a $2,000+ price tag.

Instead, our refined process and unique specialization allows us to offer simple flat fees. So, you get top-tier design at reasonable prices with no surprises.

And with unlimited revisions, you don't need to worry about being stuck with something you hate.

Our Ebook Design Price

Just enter your ebook’s total word count below to instantly see your price and place your order.

$ $$$

Get one professionally-designed ebook.

You provide all the text, we turn it into a beautifully-formatted PDF.

Unlimited Revisions

Turnaround Time: 10 Business Days

Our 100% Money-Back Promise

We try hard to be the perfect partner, but not every relationship is meant to be.

If it doesn’t work out, you can request a 100% no-questions-asked refund at anytime up to 3 days after we deliver your finished product.

Ready to get beautiful branding
that makes your ebook look as professional
as your business is?

Of course, you could stick to the juggling act of trying to do it all yourself…

Or, you can relax knowing a team of professionals has got your back, and finally feel confident in how your brand looks online and in front of your prospective customers and clients.

Sound Good?

Then we'd love to help make your online branding a cut above the rest.

Click the button below and enter your ebook’s word count to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

The service or product you provide is fantastic, so shouldn’t your branding be the same? As content and branding design experts, we give your ebooks the stunning, professional look your business deserves.

All of our deliverables are sent as PDF files.

When placing your order, you can provide your content in whatever form is most convenient to you. Most people send their content in an attachment as either a PDF, Word document, or text file.

Sure, we’re open to partnering with others that would like to offer our services to their own customers. To inquire, reach out to us at

You get as many revisions as you need! Just remember, revisions will affect your delivery timeline, adding one or two days per revision.

If you have a digital product, but aren’t sure if it’s something we can brand and format for you, send us an email at and we’d be happy to let you know!

We’re happy to help. Shoot us an email at or visit our contact page to drop us a message.

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