The 10 Types of White Papers (when to use them + examples)

White papers are weird. Simultaneously seen as magical cure-alls in the business world and boring formalities by everyone else, whitepapers seem to lack any formal definition in the world of content marketing. Traditionally, white papers were used to present market research in a way that supports a specific position. But, with the

How Much A White Paper Costs (and every pricing factor)

Ready to share your company’s expertise, establish yourself as a credible authority, and boost your sales and leads? Then you’re ready to create a white paper. But how much does a white paper cost? You can expect to pay between $1,000-$12,000. But that range doesn’t tell you much by itself. A

The Complete Guide To Creating A White Paper (the right way)

Writing a white paper is a daunting task: It must be based on research and driven by data, but how should you go about collecting that data? And the data must be presented within a well-written narrative arc, but how do you structure such an arc? Finally, the data and narrative must