The 6 best fonts for white papers: A Quick Guide

Marketers and businesses alike know that white papers help generate leads. What they might not realize, however, is the importance of selecting the right font for their white paper. Or how the best white paper fonts can help them convince their potential customers.  Research has found that while some fonts generate

Footnotes vs Endnotes: which is better for a white paper?

White papers can be a powerful part of your content marketing strategy.  They give you plenty of space to provide valuable, in-depth problem-solving content to your audience. This establishes your expertise in your readers’ eyes and convinces them to give up their contact information, which you can put to use in

White Paper Best Practices: 14 Rules For Perfect White Papers

It’s no secret that white papers are very effective. But that doesn’t make them easy to write. In fact, the thing that makes white papers effective is what makes them hard to create: they’re lengthy, detailed, and full of convincing research. And with all the noise online, it’s hard to know what a

Finding The Perfect White Paper Writer (what to look for)

So, you’re ready to establish your authority in your industry with a head-turning white paper that converts readers into buyers. But you’ve got a problem… There’s no way you can write it. You don’t have the time, the experience, nor the writing chops. So, you need an expert white paper writer—a word

The Perfect White Paper Template (no email required)

A (good) white paper is the hardest piece of content to write. They are very effective at building credibility and generating leads, but they require a lot of effort. You’ll need to combine thousands of words backed by plenty of research into a compelling narrative that informs and persuades. And despite white