5 Lead Magnets For Accountants (and 5 real examples)

Accountants struggle with lead generation, as these statistics show: Almost 60% of accounting firms get less than six leads every month. Up to 80% say they get fewer than 100 website visitors a month. Nearly 45% of firms complain that they get no leads from their websites at all. Want to avoid

How Many Lead Magnets Should You Have?

Considering 95% of the people visiting your website will leave without buying anything, the need for an effective lead magnet strategy becomes clear. Lead magnets are important for an effective online marketing strategy. They’re the best way to capture your visitors’ emails and slowly build a relationship until they’re ready to purchase

Why Lead Magnets Are Important (and why YOUR site needs them)

Studies show that 3 out of 4 visitors to your site won’t return. They won’t look back once they’ve bounced off to another webpage. That means you have only one opportunity to persuade them to buy your service or product. How do you do it? By capturing their email address before they

6 Powerful Lead Magnet Ideas for Dentists with Examples

On average, less than 2% of the visitors to your website will purchase your service on their first visit – this means that 98% of people leave without you making a penny in profit. To sell, you first need to create trust with your prospects. You need to build a relationship with

8 Proven Lead Magnets For Lawyers

On any given day your website may attract hundreds of visitors. Research tells us that around 1% of them are in the ‘decision’ stage. That means they’re ready to hire a lawyer. All they need is assurance that you know your stuff. That’s where lawyer lead magnets come in handy. Provided the