How To Add A Lead Magnet To A Wix Site

There are multiple ways to host your lead magnets so you can share them with your email subscribers, but if you use an all-in-one platform like Wix, the easiest option is to just use the Wix file manager. From there, you have a couple options for the seamless delivery of your lead magnets.

5 Reasons Why No One is Signing Up For Your Lead Magnet

Lead magnets work on the basis of quid pro quo: Your prospect gets an instant solution to their pain point; You get their email or phone number for future marketing communications; And both parties live happily ever after. Or so we hope. But only the best lead magnets work that

8 Effective Tips to Write Lead Magnet Titles that Convert

Crafting a lead magnet can be challenging and time-consuming. Imagine pouring your heart into it and then…crickets! You’re offering an incredibly valuable resource and yet no one is subscribing to your email list. It’s super frustrating. Picking a strong title for your lead magnet is one of the most important parts of

5 Simple Steps to Choose the Perfect Lead Magnet

For some, finding a lead magnet to use is pretty straightforward. They can offer a demo if they provide a software solution, or give out a tool their audience obviously needs, like a tax calculator. But most of the time it isn’t so easy. You may have a variety of

13 Mom Blog Lead Magnet Ideas (+ 28 real examples)

Your email list is the most important asset you have as a blogger, but getting people to sign up to your list isn’t easy. That’s why lead magnets are crucial. You create something free and valuable for your readers – valuable enough that they voluntarily exchange their emails for your