15 Lead Magnets For Travel Agents (real examples & ideas)

As a travel agent, you know you need a “lead magnet”, but they often seem mysterious, if not downright daunting. You don’t have much idea of what a good lead magnet looks like, much less how to make one for yourself. The result for a lot of travel agents is

9 Great Lead Magnets For Photographers (with examples)

Life can be hard as a photographer. Competition is stiff. Clients have trouble understanding the value you bring. And market rates are consistently being driven down. And that’s if you’re already established. But there’s good news, too: photography as an industry hasn’t really embraced modern digital marketing. That means there’s

16 Fitness Lead Magnets (with examples from the pros)

The health and fitness industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years. But all of that means nothing if you can’t get a piece of the pie. Whether you’re a personal trainer, gym owner, or other fitness professional, you probably didn’t get into the fitness industry to be

40 Great Lead Magnet Ideas For Coaches (using real examples)

Coaches often struggle with marketing. It’s especially frustrating because coaches do well when they can talk to a potential client. Once they get a conversation going, they have no problem converting clients. That’s why one of the standard lead magnet ideas for coaches is simply “book a discovery call”. But

25 Unique Lead Magnets for Ecommerce (plus real examples)

In preparation for this post, we looked at over 100 of the most-visited ecommerce sites and one thing is painfully clear: sites have a really hard time coming up with lead magnets for ecommerce. Even the best ecommerce stores can’t seem to come up with anything that’s NOT just the same old