How To Write An Ebook Cookbook That Your Audience Craves

Cookbooks are deceptive. It seems so easy: you gather up your favorite original recipes, snap a few photos, and—bam!—suddenly you’re fielding offers for your own Food Network show. But not so fast! While it may be easier to create a cookbook than most other genres, it is still very much

How To Create An Ebook In Google Docs (fast & easy)

Like any great piece of software, Google Docs is simple, yet powerful. One of those things that’s easy to use, but you know it can do more, like using it to create an ebook. While Google Docs lacks the functionality of a full-fledged design program like Photoshop, learning how to create

How To Create A Fitness Ebook That Your Audience Craves

Want to know a secret about how to create a fitness ebook? Writing it is the easy part. The hard part? Writing something compelling; something that makes you stand out among a sea of competition; something that grabs your ideal clients by the collar and makes them excited to buy

How To Create An Ebook In Canva (the best way)

Just writing a good ebook is hard enough. You must find a way to put together content that engages your audience, enhances your authority, attracts new people to your email list, or even convinces people to buy. Yet, that often seems like the easy part compared to what comes next: designing your