How to Outsource Ebook Writing Easily (for leads & sales)

A well-written ebook can be used for plenty of purposes – as long as you put out great content, use the right marketing strategy, and position it properly in the marketplace, you’re on the right track. All you need to write an ebook is a purpose – does your business have a fascinating story?

5 Best Lead Magnets For Chiropractors (8 real examples)

Chiropractors can be great at what they do, but often struggle with the business side of things. The fact that 90% of leads will never convert into patients doesn’t help. So, DCs must be proactive about generating high-quality leads. One of the best ways to do that is with lead magnets. A

How To Copyright An Ebook (for online entrepreneurs)

It’s a no-brainer, right? One of the simplest, best ways to create a profitable online income stream is to write and sell your own ebook. This is especially true for online entrepreneurs and businesses that can share valuable information that their audience wants. But after spending hours pouring your hard-won knowledge

14 Lead Magnets For Financial Advisors (30+ examples)

Financial advisors struggle with lead magnets. Some aren’t comfortable giving away free information to non-clients. Others use lead magnets that get them nowhere. And the rest don’t even know what a lead magnet is. But a good lead magnet provides genuinely helpful information that makes prospects happy to give you their

How To Sell Your Ebook On Your Website: 11 Best Options

You’ve done the hard part. You’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into writing an ebook that provides value to your audience. Now how do you go about selling it? Third-party marketplaces like Amazon may make things easy, but they’re out of the question if you want to make any